My friend has been sectioned!

My friend has been sectioned due to having a breakdown. He has bipolar disorder. Not the type celebrities have which is just inability to deal with a prolonged shitty mood and and excuse to act however they want and blame it on a manic episode. He has genuine bipolar

He is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met. He gets life. He gets life too much. It’s overwhelming, it must be. Having a million excellent ideas running through your mind at once. Understanding but being unable to focus to explain must be horrendous at best!

I must admit. I’ve not seen this friend in over a year…well over. When we met there was a connection. That being because he got the world. He understands the bigger picture the ins and outs of every single interaction. We spoke about it a lot.

He has big ideas. I don’t know..was I encouraging ideas of grandeur or is it okay to believe one person has the vibes to make a difference. Is it right someone like this who’s not a threat to anyone, but yes I guess can be vulnerable, to be locked away because his ideas don’t conform? To be forced to take medication to dull this persona. He’s different and accelerated in these moments. I see both sides. I see his side though. I empathise and I feel he is being forced to conform because that’s what the experts say is right.

I don’t feel comfortable with the situation and if anybody has any comments I’d love to hear xx


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