Life goes on

I’m back in work after almost 3 months off sick. Pretending again. As i mentioned i even pretended to myself i wasnt ill. Truth is, I’ve realised that I will always likely be ill on some level if the conventional way of thinking is dictating what is normal. But, am i abnormal? Am i actually ill? Or am i one of millions of people who feel things deeply? Should we write people off as being ill because they feel and act in an an unconventional manner? Maybe people like me are crying out to not feel isolated and like a freak. I believe my empathy for others is why i get so depressed, i feel the hurt of others. Yet if i admitted what went on in my head id be medicated or sectioned. Maybe more people need to realise that the deepest darkest emotions arent abnormal…they’re normal and not to feel this pain and suffering is actually not to feel human. Where are my fellow humans? I wonder


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